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IFA Automation Solutions

A complete system for IFA slide processing and digital immunofluorescence imaging

IFA Automation Solutions by ZEUS Scientific

As a pioneer in indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) technology, ZEUS delivers quality and expertise in autoimmune serology that laboratories have relied upon since 1976.  The ZEUS IFA ANA HEp-2 slides, as well as nDNA (C. lucilliae) slides, are well-known in the industry for their superior quality.  The best slides deserve the best-in-class automation!


Introducing the dIFine 30 System - ZEUS's complete system for IFA slide processing and digital immunofluorescence imaging


Now you can take advantage of the gold standard in ANA Testing by automating your entire IFA process!  Let ZEUS Scientific’s IFA Automation Solutions help you navigate the gray area and the subjectivity of ANA IFA testing with our dIFine 30 System.

Experience the powerful partnership of the ZEUS dIFine®, our next-generation digital IFA imaging and interpretation system, paired with the ZEUS SP30, our easy-to-use and efficient walk-away benchtop instrument for IFA slide processing …including cover slipping!



SP30 - IFA slide processor for dIFine

Your lab is focused on many things: efficiency, accuracy and more importantly – productivity. Now, you can increase your lab’s productivity with our fully automated IFA slide processor for dIFine digital immunofluorescence system, so you can focus your time and attention where it matters.

With the capacity of processing up to 240 samples on 30 IFA slides, including cover slipping, the SP30 is an easy-to-use, walk-away IFA slide processor for dIFine designed to improve laboratory workflow and ensure high-quality results.


dIFine® Digital Immunofluorescence*

ZEUS dIFine is the next generation in indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) imaging and pattern recognition. An FDA-cleared, automated digital scanner with intelligent software, it is designed to acquire, analyze, display and store digital images of ZEUS HEp-2 IFA slides.*

ZEUS dIFine quickly delivers positive/negative results and has been FDA-cleared to suggest eight common ANA HEp-2 patterns (homogenous, speckled, centromere, nucleolar, nuclear dots, nuclear membrane, cytoplasmic (ribosomal and mitochondrial)).* dIFine also instantly locates and identifies mitotic cells to assist in pattern identification. The ability to quickly view and validate all negative samples with a single mouse click saves the user valuable time. The built-in pattern atlas can be used as a reference and is a valuable training tool allowing side-by-side comparison of images with ZEUS proprietary images aligned with ICAP nomenclature.

dIFine 30 System - We Have You Covered
  • No darkroom required
  • Connection to LIS and to front end slide processing instruments
  • Only a single monitor necessary for both the SP30 and dIFine together
  • Online remote access and file sharing available
  • Parallel processing and scanning activity
  • One PC with multiple devices connected and managed by one unique software

To speak directly with your ZEUS Sales Representative, email sales@zeusscientific.com.



* FDA 510(k) cleared.  All suggested results obtained with ZEUS dIFine must be confirmed by a trained operator.