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SP30 - IFA Slide Processor for dIFine®


Your lab is focused on many things: efficiency, accuracy, and more importantly – productivity. Now, you can increase your lab’s productivity with our fully automated IFA slide processor for dIFine® digital immunofluorescence system, so you can focus your time and attention where it matters.

The SP30 is an easy-to-use, walk-away IFA slide processor for dIFine designed to improve laboratory workflow and ensure high-quality results.


Accurate, Fast Processing to Improve Laboratory Workflow

  • Ability to process up to 240 samples on 30 ZEUS IFA slides
  • Carefully dispenses mounting media and adds cover slips to decrease slide handling and risk of artifacts/bubbles
  • A 3-probe system for fast, accurate pipetting and slide well washing
  • Multi-drop individual well-to-well washing eliminates the risk of carryover or cross contamination
  • Ready-to-use reagents that can be directly loaded from our ZEUS ANA IFA test kit to the SP30 – no pour off!

Set up worklists quickly and easily with user-friendly, intuitive software

  • Software automatically calculates the amount of each reagent and dilution tubes required for each run
  • Point and click selection of controls, sample screens and titrations
  • Software indicates where to place the reagents in the racks


Scalability and flexibility to increase laboratory efficiency

  • The cover slipped slides are easily transferred to the dIFine, improving laboratory workflow
  • A bi-directional HL7 interface connects with your LIS to receive test requests and share the worklist with dIFine*


Traceability and safety to ensure confidence in your results

  •  Sample barcode reader for positive patient ID – reduces risk of errors by eliminating manual data entry
  • Software access with different user accounts and rights


Find Out More.

Learn about the ZEUS SP30, IFA slide processor for dIFine - the other component of the dIFine 30 system.

Contact ZEUS today at sales@zeusscientific.com or click below to find your ZEUS Scientific Representative.

* FDA 510(k) cleared.  All suggested results obtained with ZEUS dIFine must be confirmed by a trained operator.